Construction Electric Working Platform (ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800)

Construction Electric Working Platform (ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800)

Bridge using Suspended platform is ideal for building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance. We have earned good reputation and trust from our clients, since our products being launched on the market.

Product Details

We have been engaged in the research and development and production of Slide Ladder Type BMU, Bmu slewing jib, Construction hanging basket for many years, and we have a good reputation in the industry. We insist on being customer-centric, respond quickly to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers. 'Reputation first, customer first, first-class quality, first-class service' is the concept that is adhered to by us. We take the diligent and pragmatic work style as the starting point and serve our customers wholeheartedly. In the face of new historical opportunities and challenges, the pursuit of excellence also represents our ambition and mission to create the future. We have both qualitative standards and incentives to ensure that the goals of corporate culture construction are put into practice.

Bridge using Suspended Platform introduction

Bridge using Suspended platform is ideal for building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance. We have earned good reputation and trust from our clients, since our products being launched on the market. Product’s Quality and Human Life first is always our concept, all our products have to past strict tests during production and before sending out of factory. Best technology, Best quality, Best services has been always our pursuit.

Characteristic of Bridge Using Suspended Platform

1. Climbing principle

The suspended platform climbs up along the wire rope driven by the hoist. Without wrapping up the wire rope into chaos, also there is no limit on the height of climbing in theory and in practice.

2. Hoist

The reliability of the hoist is ensured, and its service life is long.

3. Safety rope and safety lock

Two safety ropes are set independently. The suspended platform installs safety locks. When the platform tilts, the hoist system automatically acquires major faults; meanwhile, the safety locks will block the wire ropes to ensure the safety of the operator and workers.

4. Combination of the basket

According to customers’ different requirements, the work platform can be combined in different shapes such as U-shape, circle-shape, fan-shape, etc.

5. Multiple flexible suspension mechanism

The suspension mechanism is applicable to different types of roofs and convenient to deliver building materials.

6. Convenient and reliable electric control system

The electric control system is equipped with protection switches; operators can choose single- machine operation or two-machine operation system. It is equipped with movable operation box, external power box and limit equipment against going up dangerously.

7. Reasonable designed structure and attractive appearance

The steel structure applies thin-wall of rectangle steel pipe, compact and rational designed.


Our service

Ø Provide the technical design and solutions;

Ø Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;

Ø Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;

Ø Supply accessories at any time;

Ø Tele-technical consulting and services;

Ø Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.

We can manufacture Various Special Specifications and Non-standard Suspensions Platform according to customers' requirements.Feel free to contact us!

Here we solemnly promise that our Construction Electric Working Platform (ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800) and production process are in full compliance with relevant international and national laws and regulations. Our company strives to be at the forefront of the market, only in the field we reach, can we live up to the trust and friendship of consumers. We take the humanized, specialized, intelligent and efficient talent management as the enterprise foundation, and we have enough confidence and strength to let every new and old customers who cooperate with us step into a brilliant tomorrow.
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