What Are The Rules For The Speed Of The Rail-type Window-cleaning Machine?

- Jul 23, 2018-

For the Rail-type window-cleaning machine, its hanging ship around the words, it should have a fixed security guardrail, for its guardrail, we should also have the abdominal pole.

For its guardrail height, it depends on the building, but also to ensure that not less than 0.8m, for its other parts of the words is also greater than 1.1m, for its guardrail, we should be able to withstand the 1000N of a horizontal concentrated load. For rail-type window-cleaning machine, it's the lower part of the guardrail around the words, it should be equipped with a height of more than 150mm baffle, for its bezel and the floor gap to ensure that is less than or is equal to 5mm of such a value.

In the Rail-type window cleaning machine, if it works under the rated load weight, the noise of the operator's ear is also less than 85dB (a), its external noise is also to ensure that not greater than 80dB (a). In terms of the orbital window-cleaning machine, its reliability test, in fact, in accordance with the machine work cycle times, that is, a 3,000 assessment, for its work cycle, but also by the lifting of our gondola, there is the jib luffing, as well as slewing and trolley walking, etc. made up.