The Requirements Of The Operator And The Use Of Nylon Rope When Using The Window-cleaning Machine

- Jul 23, 2018-

When in use, the window-cleaning machine must quickly press the Stop button if there is an emergency. Such a button is usually installed on the platform or installed in the main control panel, in the use of its decline must be normal, if more than normal speed equipment above the brakes will be forced to play a role and quickly forced to stop the falling speed of the suspension platform. There are many factors that need attention before using the window-cleaning machine, first of all, the use of the product to estimate the time, if the project needs to clean the window for a long time, then need to start before the equipment to carry out regular inspection, must wait until after the inspection can be used,

All operators must take good helmets. The staff on the operating platform of the window-cleaning machine need to separate the nylon rope, in the roof more suitable position to fasten, must not be fixed in the equipment of the hanging arm, and then the seat belt can be connected to the self-locking operation, need to operate the staff also need to wear clothes have requirements, wear clothing must be clean and dry, skin no longer exposed outside, the soles and gloves need to be colloid.