The Problem Of Electric Hanging Basket Should Be Paid Attention To

- Jul 23, 2018-

Electric hanging basket from the introduction, promotion, to today's extensive use in the construction industry, so that China's mechanization in this field and the construction of the civilized degree have a great improvement.

From the beginning of the promotion of the lack of understanding, do not understand, do not use to today in the construction industry in large and medium-sized cities has become an indispensable necessary equipment, the industry's thinking and understanding is a great improvement; in the construction technology level and the previous scaffolding is an unprecedented leap. Because of this, the domestic basket of manufacturing and leasing industry mushroomed, the national basket manufacturing enterprises no less than dozens of, the annual output has long been, in the world can also be called basket production of large countries. Not only this, in the structure of the basket, technology, technology has been greatly improved and improved. such as the early hanging basket, the suspension mechanism of the material used is I-beam. Self-esteem is very big, installation, handling all need to expend a lot of manpower, material resources.

At the same time, the front extension of the structure is I-beam cantilever way, the stability of its force is far less than the current widely used zipper-type lightweight, stable. However, China's basket manufacturing industry in the technology, structure, technology and even materials have improved and improved space. In particular, the basic technical aspects should be treated with a serious and serious attitude. In the improvement of product output and quality at the same time to our technology, in the use of products have a more objective scientific understanding.