The Basket Industry Should Implement The Policy

- Jul 23, 2018-

In response to the financial crisis, the State has promulgated a series of policies, for the economic development of China pointed out the direction. The 11th session of the National People's Congress, Guangxi LiuGong Group Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Xiaohua made clear that the relevant government departments of specific measures must be timely, the relevant aspects of the specific implementation of policies need to be issued in a timely manner, so that the industry effectively benefited.

Hanging basket industry, should avoid low-level project duplication of construction, in the core supporting parts and other aspects of exerting force, so that the industry really out of the shadow of economic crisis.

The policy implementation needs the cooperation of many Parties Wang Xiaohua said that this year, the development of the basket industry is still unpredictable, to ensure that domestic demand to stimulate the development of the industry is essential. At present, the Government is actively playing a macro-control function.

The central government is standing in the overall height, from the direction of industry development guidelines for the formulation of relevant policies. But in the concrete implementation, each function Department should cooperate with each other, take the economic development as the goal, do the work together, create the good market environment for the enterprise.

This requires the relevant departments must be promulgated as soon as possible a series of specific operational aspects of the rules to guide the development of enterprises. The establishment of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology has set up a more specific management organization for enterprises. Wang Xiaohua hope that in the industry development, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology to go at the front, to carry out an active industry research, to formulate practical industrial policies to promote industry development.