Safety Operation Rules For Construction Of Outer Wall Hanging Blue

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, enter the construction site must wear a safety helmet, safety helmet is not inclined to wear, the cap should be fastened, and regular inspection, found that damage, cracks and other abnormalities should be replaced immediately. No smoking in the construction site, no wearing slippers into the construction site.

2, the use of hanging blue construction, operation hanging blue personnel should be professional hanging blue Company's operation training, and to obtain training of qualified operation certificate can be on duty, strictly prohibited without a certificate.

3, hanging blue installation must be installed in accordance with the professional company's installation program, the installation of a good hanging blue to have test acceptance records, all kinds of accessories complete, safety facilities complete, hanging blue running well.

4, the selection of the blue company should be selected with qualified, security professional hanging blue Company. When signing the blue lease contract, the safety precautions and safety responsibility must be written in the contract, and the safety production should be effectively implemented.

5, operators in the use of hanging blue, must be in accordance with the requirements of their own safety protection, must wear seat belts, and on the safety of the rope hanging on the line, high hanging low;

6, the construction of hanging blue, five above the wind shall not be construction, rainy days may not be construction.