Repair And Maintenance Of Window Cleaning Machine

- Jul 23, 2018-

All the electrical parts on the window-cleaning machine need to install its current protection, the equipment in the process of use is mainly relying on its current protector to give the equipment all the vitality of the components to protect, the operation of the equipment in order to ensure its descent safety needs to install its drop safety lever.

Window Cleaning machine in the use of the process of regular inspection and maintenance, under normal circumstances within one months can not exceed its two times, equipment in the process of inspection if found to have lubrication and corrosion of the situation, the equipment in the undesirable parts of the need for the provision of anti-corrosion lubrication treatment.

Cleaning the dust in the window cleaning machine, in particular, the activities of parts and limit switches, in the process of inspection if found its poor state of the components, the need for timely repair and replacement, equipment activities in the components and electrical components need to be clean, and then add lubricant to carry out the necessary treatment.