Inspection Of Various Machining Processes Of Window-cleaning Machine

- Jul 23, 2018-

In the window cleaning machine processing process, our operator first to do is the first piece of self-test.

For the length of the section and our monitor, they are mainly responsible for the cleaning machine operator in the self-test after a mutual inspection, in the process of processing, our inspectors under normal circumstances is to carry out inspection, sampling and some of the key parts of a full inspection. In the window cleaning machine processing, in the self-test, the mutual inspection, our inspectors to carry out a first piece of the special inspection, there is the first piece of the inspection of the logo and the final check mark is also to be noted.

In addition, we should pay attention to processing in accordance with the leadership of an opinion, for our process is to continue to make a decision, in this regard, we may have taken some corrective action to continue the processing is also possible. In the various processing processes of the window cleaning machine, if we are in the process of inspection, found that there is a phenomenon of variance, the inspectors should immediately stop the production process, and for its extra orders to be completed, after the words to be based on the workshop process, as well as the design department and Quality Control department leadership, and our general Quality Division will proceed with the processing of their comments after the signing.

In the window cleaning machine processing, for some shapes look more complex processing pieces, our design department should not only give the design of the processing parts of the drawings, at the same time, but also to give the test samples and limit the sample of such a design drawings can be.