How To Guarantee The Operation Safety Of The Wheel-mounted Window-cleaning Machine

- Jul 23, 2018-

For the operation of the wheel-mounted window-cleaning machine, we must obtain the relevant departments, they issued a license to be able to operate directly; Furthermore, we are in the use of the wheel-type window cleaning machine, for its operating procedures to be followed, and the use of equipment is also to be noted. For the wheel-mounted window cleaning machine itself, our best is to run once a month window cleaning machine, so that the operation of the words, in fact, including the luffing, walking, landing, Take-off and landing, as well as slewing, small arms slewing many aspects.

Moreover, after each run is completed, we also have to do a good job related to the operation and failure, there is a more detailed record of the accident. For the wheel-mounted window-cleaning machine, we need a monthly roller bearing on its walking wheel, as well as its bearing grease once, and other related to a maintenance. If we find that it has any hidden trouble, it is necessary to timely report to the relevant departments, the effective treatment of it, then it is necessary to do a certain amount of relevant work records can be.