Does The Wheel-mounted Window-cleaning Machine Now Develop Well?

- Jul 23, 2018-

For the wheel-mounted window-cleaning machine, simply speaking, it is in the high place when the operation, in the basket based on the gradual development of a product. For foreign developed countries, their wheel-mounted window cleaning machine product development is relatively early, usually from the early 60 slow ah slow formation of their own product line.

But in terms of our country, its development is comparatively late. Speaking of the development of the wheel-mounted window-cleaning machine in our country, in fact, in the 80-90-year generation of a new group of high-grade buildings, it is mostly by foreign architects to design, and in the design of the building, in fact, has been directly considered a window cleaning machine installation, is usually selected from abroad to the window cleaning machine products,

In this way, from another side, in fact, for our building after the cleaning and maintenance of the external wall has laid a good foundation. At present, not only is the wheel-mounted window cleaning machine, more window-cleaning machine products in our country has been relatively rapid development, and has become a high-tech content of the electromechanical integration equipment. And in 2003, our country actually has promulgated the gb19154-2003 "window-cleaning machine" national standards.

For the high-end buildings in their big cities, most of them have installed window-cleaning machines. When it comes to buildings in big cities with wheel-mounted window cleaning machines, we have to say, for some simple modelling of the building, it is actually the use of large rope hanging plate directly to the manual cleaning, so not only unsafe and uncivilized, at the same time there is no way to replace the curtain wall glass and glue, such as a series of operations.

There is no specific advantage to a thorough cleansing. Therefore, our wheel-mounted window cleaning machine is still in a stage of rising and perfecting, its market prospects are still relatively good, moreover, for its large rope hanging plate manual cleaning, it must be banned at a certain level, on its wheel-mounted window-cleaning machine itself to see, It is actually the most safe and practical and efficient specialized equipment to accomplish aerial work.