Auxiliary Inspection Project For BMU Of Roof Rail Type

- Aug 30, 2018-

In addition to the inspection of the required full roof rail window cleaner, certain critical safety components should be subject to detailed periodic inspections; the detailed nature and extent and duration of the auxiliary inspections should be based on site-specific risk assessments, the design and use of specific installations, and considerations. The manufacturer or supplier's recommendations are determined.


The roof-track window cleaner auxiliary comprehensive inspection project is generally carried out once in ten years, including checking whether all the fixtures and the anchor-related anchoring units have signs of water accumulation. If you suspect that water may cause corrosion, or suspect other causes of its integrity, you should at least 5% of the typical sample for full exposure inspection.


When the auxiliary inspection of the roof rail type window cleaning machine should pay attention to the pulling force of the anchor unit related to the track; the fixing device or similar device such as the rod holder should be free from loosening and anti-rust treatment; the rope assembly and the guiding pulley of the hoisting mechanism , main brakes, backup brakes, etc.; gear transmission of the luffing mechanism, guide rollers, luffing screws and nut; etc.; gear transmission of the slewing mechanism of the window cleaning machine, guide rollers of the traveling mechanism, etc. and other safety components should be removed, To assess its status.