Working principle of safety lock device for bridge platform

- Sep 11, 2019-

The safety self-locking device of the safety lock is placed on the safety wire rope. When the lifting is normal, the safety lock can be lifted along the safety wire rope with the electric hanging basket body. In case the hanging basket falls off, the safety lock can automatically lock the hanging basket body in safety. On the wire rope. This kind of safety lock is convenient, safe and reliable, and hangs the load-bearing steel wire rope and safety rope on the picking beam. The operation sequence and construction method The electric hanging basket is first assembled into a hanging basket frame on the ground with a reverse chain, and then the heavy steel wire rope is passed through the hand. The guide rope hole of the hoist is inserted into the hook direction, pressed tightly, and the forward handle is pulled back and forth, so that the basket can be promoted, and the handle can be lowered back and forth, but the upper and lower handles cannot be pulled at the same time. If the steel chain rod is used as the load-bearing boom, the safety rope and the steel chain rod are first hung on the fixed roof beam, and then the inverted chain is hung on the upper and lower parts of the steel chain rod to hang the hanging basket. The use of reverse chain lifting. Due to the limited chain stroke, in the process of lifting, it is necessary to repeatedly reverse the chain, manually raise and lower the chain, such as the force of the lift.

Safety lock repair and maintenance:

First, timely remove the dirt on the surface of the safety lock and the debris on the safety wire, pay attention to the protective measures of the safety lock to prevent debris from entering the lock, resulting in failure and failure of the safety lock.

2. Check the lock rope function of the safety lock before operation, avoid collision safety lock during operation, and do protective work after operation to prevent rain, snow and debris from entering the safety lock.

3. When working in the environment of abrasive grains (such as sand, stone, etc.) and adhesive materials (such as concrete, plaster, paint, caulking agent, etc.), pay attention to the protective measures at the entrance of the rope to prevent debris from entering the lock. .

4. After use, remove the cement, paint and adhesive adhering to the safety wire rope in time to avoid blocking the parts inside the lock and causing the safety lock to fail.

5. Within the safety lock, from the date of leaving the factory, every 12 months is a calibration period, and the standard is full. The user submits an application to the Construction Engineering Quality Inspection and Testing Center, which is tested and tested by professionals. After passing the test, it is recalibrated.

6. The safety lock recalibrated by the Construction Engineering Quality Inspection and Testing Center must be attached to the special mark of the construction engineering quality inspection and testing center to be effective.