Window cleaning work platform for high-rise exterior wall glass wiping process

- Apr 03, 2019-

When the window cleaning work platform is used for the high-altitude glass wiping operation of the high-rise exterior wall, first check the job site to determine the operation plan; focus on the roof condition, confirm whether the cable and the hanging plate can be installed; the gondola and the hanging plate move on the roof. Accessible.


Install windows to clean the work platform cable and other vehicles - gondola or hanging panels, such as the building has installed window cleaning machine, according to the specifications before the operation of the test. Prepare wiping tools, including buckets, detergents, hair rollers, squeegees, towels, and spare tool shovel, scraper, solvent, etc.


The window cleaning work platform cable operator carries the tool on the gondola or hanging plate. Some tools use a bungee cord tied to a gondola or hanging plate to prevent injury from falling from high altitude. The cable works from top to bottom. After each wipe, tidy up the tool, add detergent, move the gondola horizontally or hang the plate, and continue the second