Window cleaning system maintenance system design

- Jan 19, 2019-

The window cleaner accessory includes a hoisting device and a main rotary drive device, which are usually mounted on the base of the trolley and electrically rotate the seat ring to rotate the basket from the non-working position on the roof to the building. The working position of the front of the stand. The hoisting system is designed in the form of a box structure with a pitching mechanism and a hoisting mechanism.


The boom is also one of the window cleaner accessories. It uses a suitable slewing bearing design to mount the boom in the articulated head of the column system. The electric drive motor of the pitching device includes a rotating shaft and a motion mechanism to allow the boom to perform a pitching motion to adjust the distance between the gondola and the façade


The work basket is one of the accessories for the window cleaner. Its structure is made of high-strength aluminum and sturdy lightweight material. The height of the guardrail is 1.2 meters and it is surrounded by aluminum cladding. The four corners are covered with a rubber mat to prevent scratching the building curtain wall; an anti-collision limit mechanism is installed under the basket to automatically stop the drop when encountering an obstacle.


The control panel of the window cleaning accessories basket is an automatic reset design, which can operate all the movements of the trolley; the basket is equipped with four independent lifting points, that is, the steel cable passes through the wedge clamping sleeve, the overload device and the rigging balance mechanism. Fixed, as well as special cord control