Window cleaning machine working speed, setting requirements and functions

- Sep 28, 2018-

The working speed of the window cleaning machine accessories shall comply with the following regulations, and the error shall not exceed ±5% of the design value. The specific requirement is that the turning speed is not more than 15m/min, the variable speed is not more than 20m/min, and the lifting speed is not more than 20m/ Min, the walking speed is not more than 15m/min.


At the same time, the safety fence should be installed around the basket as a window cleaning machine accessory, and the guardrail should be provided with a belly rod. The height of the guardrail should not be lower than 0.8m on the side of the building, and not less than 1.1m in other parts. The guardrail should be able to withstand the horizontal concentrated load of 1000N. A baffle with a height of not less than 150 mm shall be provided around the lower part of the guardrail, and the gap between the baffle and the bottom plate shall be no more than 5 mm.


Safety devices are also important window cleaner accessories. They come in many different categories and have different functions. For example, the rising limit can stop the rising action when the hanging platform of the window cleaning machine rises to the fixed stop position; when the window cleaning machine is in use, when the load of the hanging basket exceeds the use requirement, the suspension working platform The limit action will be turned on and the hanging work platform will stop the platform lifting work.


When the hanging platform is lowered when the window cleaning machine is used, if the hanging platform descends faster than the normal working speed, the mechanical brake of the window cleaning machine will be forced to act, and the hoist is quickly braked to stop the suspension platform from falling. speed. In addition to the above, there are emergency stop buttons, anti-rollover protection devices, electrical component protection, and lowering safety bars, all of which are the basis for ensuring the safe operation of the window cleaning machine.