Window cleaning machine working speed

- Sep 30, 2019-

1. The turning speed is not more than 15m/min: the variable speed is not more than 20m/min: the lifting speed is not more than 20m/min: the running speed is not more than 15m/min

2. The high-rise window cleaning machine should be equipped with a fixed-type full-guard rail around the hanging ship. The guardrail should be equipped with a web. The height of the guardrail should not be lower than 0.8m on the side of the building, and not less than 1.1m in other parts. The guardrail should be able to withstand a horizontal concentrated load of 1000N. A baffle with a height of not less than 150 mm shall be provided around the lower part of the guardrail, and the baffle and the bottom plate shall be no more than 5 mm.

3. When working under the rated load, the noise of the operator's ear should not be greater than 85dB (A), and the external sound should be no more than 80dB (A)

4. The test of the high-rise window cleaning machine is based on 3000 times of the working cycle of the whole machine. The work-circle-loop is composed of the lifting of the gondolas, the amplitude of the boom, the rotation, the walking of the trolley, etc.