Window cleaning machine design principle

- Nov 25, 2019-

1) An-fullness: The window cleaning machine is a non-standard equipment for manned at high altitude, and the safety-safety is the premise considered in the design.


2) can-reliability: the window cleaning machine is generally installed on the roof of the building, wind and rain for many years, the designed transmission mechanism, supporting power components (motor, reducer), electrical components, etc., must withstand Harsh environment impact and long-term use.


3) Economical: The price of a single window cleaning machine is generally 400,000 to 3 million, and the price of a complicated window cleaning machine is 5 million to 10 million. The equipment is full-foot-full and can be relied on Under the premise of sex, it is necessary to use it economically.


4) Bearing requirements for full-foot buildings: the weight of the window cleaning machine is generally 3000~25 000kg, and the weight of the large window cleaning machine is more than 50000kg. When designing the window cleaning machine, it must coordinate with the building structure engineer to enable the window cleaning machine to meet the bearing requirements of the full-foot building, and reserve the walking passage of the window cleaning machine.


5) Coordination with buildings: The design of the window cleaning machine must take into account the service, function, structural characteristics and architectural art style of the building. Try to avoid the impact on the appearance, integrity and sense of the exterior wall decorative surface. The architectural art effect on the fruit.