Window cleaning machine design principle

- Sep 22, 2019-

1. Safety: Window cleaning machine is a non-standard equipment for high-altitude interception. Safety is the premise considered in design.

2. Reliability: The cleaning machine is generally installed on the roof of a building. It has been wind and rain for many years. The designed transmission mechanism, supporting power components (motor reducer), electrical components, etc. must withstand the harsh environment. And long-term use

3. Economical: The price of a single business machine is 400,000 to 3 million, and it is economical and practical under the premise that the equipment meets safety and reliability.

4. Meet the load-bearing requirements of the building: the self-weight of the machine is generally 3000-25000kg, and the self-weight of the large-scale business machine is more than 50,000kg. When designing the cleaning machine, it must coordinate with the building structure engineer to make the window cleaning machine full-foot construction. Material carrying requirements, and reserved the walking channel of the window cleaning machine, etc.

5. Coordination with buildings: The design of the pick-up must take into account the service, function, structural features and architectural style of the building. Try to = the uniformity, integrity and sense of appearance of the rabbit wall. Architectural art effect