Window cleaning machine auxiliary inspection

- Sep 10, 2019-

1. In addition to the inspection of the comprehensive window cleaning machine, certain key safety components should be inspected regularly. The detailed nature and extent and duration of the ancillary inspections should be determined by site-specific risk assessments, the design and use of specific equipment, and taking into account the manufacturer's or supplier's recommendations.

2. The auxiliary comprehensive inspection project of the window cleaning machine is generally carried out once in ten years.

3. The auxiliary inspection shall include the following items:

a. All fixtures and track-related anchor units should be inspected for signs of water accumulation. If you suspect that water may cause corrosion, or suspect other causes of its integrity, you should at least 5% of the typical sample for full exposure inspection.

b. Attention should be paid to the pull-out force of the anchor unit associated with the track.

c. Fixing facilities such as the pole holder or the like should be free from loosening and rust-proof treatment.

d. The rope assembly of the hoisting mechanism, the guide pulley, the main brake, the backup brake, etc.; the gear transmission of the luffing mechanism, the guide roller (or slider), the variable amplitude screw and the nut, etc.; the gear of the slewing mechanism of the window cleaning machine Drives, guide rollers for the travel mechanism, and other critical safety components should be removed to assess their condition.

e. Whether the pre-tightening torque of the pre-tightening bolt of the slewing mechanism and other components meets the design requirements of the window cleaning machine.

f. The hoist and fall arrester (safety lock) should be removed to assess its condition.