Window cleaning machine application in high-rise buildings

- Sep 18, 2019-

Window cleaning machine is a permanent equipment used for cleaning, maintenance and decoration of building exterior walls. It needs to design different types of products according to the plane, elevation, roof structure, space and overall shape of the building. With the continuous development of urban construction, the number of high-rise buildings has increased, and the country's urban appearance and environmental protection requirements have become higher and higher. Window cleaning equipment has attracted people's attention. Because the window cleaning machine must consider its economy and convenience, it must also consider that the window cleaning machine can coordinate with the building after installation, does not affect the aesthetics of the building, and is closely related to the architectural design and construction. It belongs to the inter-professional product; At the same time, the window cleaning machine is a high-altitude manned device, so it has high reliability requirements and is also a high-tech mechatronics device.

New technological breakthroughs:

1. The traveling mechanism developed the floating connection technology of the swing beam and the balance beam structure, which better solved the influence of the turning of the whole machine, the civil construction error and the track installation error on the smoothness of the window cleaning machine.

2. The hoisting mechanism developed a single-winding mechanism with a single-layer steel wire rope wound and a single-rolling mechanism with a multi-layer steel wire wound, and a corresponding rope-receiving mechanism was set to better meet the requirements of different working heights.

3. Developed a complete set of equipments such as overload protection, overspeed protection, anti-collision protection, manual downhill and wire rope relaxation device. The electromechanical double overspeed protection device has a sensitive trigger mechanism and reliable braking.

4. The dragging system adopts scientific frequency conversion, voltage regulation and speed regulation technology. The control system adopts PC and wired remote control, which reduces the vibration and impact of the system and improves the stability and reliability of the work.

5. In order to solve the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of the recessed facade, a retractable working suspension platform was developed.

6. In order to make the design of the product intuitive and easy for others to understand, three-dimensional animation computer demonstrations of six models were developed.

7. Process research, in order to solve some key components of this product well, many new technologies and materials have been used in the development of this equipment, such as high-strength aluminum alloy special track, lightweight high-strength FRP rope reel.

8. In the practical application of the project, many new technologies have been developed, such as: berthing and retracting technology; vertical automatic climbing technology for the outer suspension track; equipment close control technology for the lighting roof, composite folding arm system, and large roof for lighting Span slides are not equal to the gauge automatic telescopic technology.

At present, the window cleaning machine is used as a special equipment for cleaning and maintaining the external wall of high-rise buildings. The necessity of installation has been accepted by more and more people of insight, and the window cleaning machine has various forms and different forms of window cleaning. The technical performance and price of the machine are quite different. Therefore, a reasonable installation plan for the building window cleaning machine should take into account the owner's requirements for the function of the window cleaning device, the budget of the equipment and the structural form of the building.

According to the weight of the window cleaning machine, it is divided into four types: small (less than 3t), medium (3~20t), large (more than 20t) and special (more than 50t). Some of the different types of window cleaning machines are only some parts (such as The walking mechanism is different and therefore cannot be strictly classified. According to different walking modes, the window cleaning machine can be roughly divided into rail type, wheel load type, plug type, wall mounted block type, hanging type, slide type and fixed type, etc. Which form is installed mainly depends on the building. The shape and structural characteristics, such as the change of the facade of the building, whether the roof has the walking passage and space of the window cleaning machine, whether the roof structure can withstand the load of the window cleaner and the slope of the roof.