Window cleaning device electrical inspection quarterly inspection content

- Nov 27, 2019-

1. Main unit and basket control box

1.1. Inspection station - some wire connection points and contactors;

1.2 Clean the control box;

1.3 Jian-solid components;

1.4 Check the door lock device;

1.5 Check the rubber mat;

1.6 Checkpoint - whether the action is normal;

1.7 Spray a little oil on the contactor to rust the contact.


2 power cable

2.1 Check the appearance, if it is damaged, it must be changed.


3 limit switch

3.1 Is there any damage and correct installation;

3.2 - Is the active part working properly?

3.3 All the contactors are working properly;

3.4 The proximity switch should clean its surface, loosen it, and work properly.


4 terminal block

4.1 Check the appearance;

4.2 Check whether the wiring points of the line are firmly-solid.

4.3 After completing the above operations, please do the following checks

4.3.1 Operate the machine on the main control box to see if its function and emergency stop function are normal.

4.3.2 Operate the machine on the basket control box to see if it has the function and emergency stop function and lower the basket to a low point.

4.3.3 Whether each safety device is normal.

4.3.4 Each indicator is normal.

4.3.5 Telephone work is normal.