Window cleaning basket necessary inspection and test

- Mar 22, 2019-

After the window cleaning basket is installed, it is also necessary to carry out some inspections and tests to check if there is any problem and it can be used only after there is no problem. Before cleaning, the window cleaning basket needs to check whether the roofing mechanism, the hanging weight and the wire rope meet the specified requirements, whether the power supply voltage and mechanical equipment are normal, and whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable. If there is any problem, it should be handled in time. Whether the window cleaning basket has good grounding treatment, whether there is any debris in the hanging basket, it is strictly prohibited to use overload.


After the window cleaning basket is installed, the manufacturer shall carry out inspections and tests: the installation of the low roofing mechanism is checked, whether it is well matched, and whether the anchoring is reliable and the connection method is correct. Whether the wire rope is kinky, crushed, worn or loose, and whether the suspension and winding method are correct.


In addition, the safety protection device in the window cleaning basket mechanism is complete, safe and reliable, the motor is abnormal, and the braking is reliable. Regarding the test of the window cleaning basket, the static overload test and the dynamic overload test are generally carried out, mainly to check whether the lifting is normal, and whether the limiting device is sensitive and