Window cleaner accessories

- Mar 28, 2019-

Specially used for indoor glass and polishing vertical surfaces. Ideal for cleaning commercial doors, elevators, escalators, glass mirrors and windows. The optional extension handle makes it easy to reach difficult places and helps reduce the risk of cleaning the interior glass. No need for ladders or access equipment makes cleaning easier than ever. Use in your facility will help reduce the time it takes to clean windows and significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used.
 The requirements for the safety device of the window cleaning machine are as follows:
(1) Trolley or climber for non-closed track shall be provided with a reliable travel limit switch to ensure movement within the designed range of travel.
(2) The trolley and the climber of the non-closed track shall be provided with a travel limit device, which shall be able to withstand the impact load generated by the inertia of the window cleaner.
(3) The amplitude of the boom should be driven by independent power.
  For the boom of the telescopic variable amplitude, the extension and contraction limit device shall be installed. For the boom with the pitch and the pitch, the upper and lower limit devices should be installed.
(4) A manual lifting mechanism must be provided. In the event of a power outage or power failure, the operator can evacuate safely.
(5) A limit protection device must be provided to stop immediately when the gondola reaches the upper and lower limit positions.