What should I do if the suspension mechanism of the window cleaning machine fails

- Sep 05, 2019-

If the working wire rope is broken at one end of the window cleaning machine, the suspension mechanism will lose its balance when it fails, and the operator should keep calm when the other end of the suspension will tilt or erect the crane. Don't panic. move.

Persons with seat belts should climb to the window cleaning machine. Those who do not have a seat belt should grasp the visible parts on the window cleaning machine and climb to a safe position. Operators should be aware that the action should not be too aggressive, try to save physical strength and wait for rescue. Rescuers should take prompt and safe emergency methods to rescue them as soon as possible according to the situation on the spot.

If there is another electric hanging basket nearby, move it to the position near the electric basket of the accident as soon as possible. After confirming that the newly installed electric hanging basket is installed correctly and normal operation, it will rise to the accident position, first rescue the operator, and then check the equipment failure. problem.