What is the stability of the window cleaning suspension platform to reinforce its stability?

- Jul 29, 2019-

The window cleaning suspension platform can also be used for large tanks, bridges and dam works, but must check the parts and fasteners before use. If looseness is found, the wire should be tightened in time, and the weld crack or component deformation should be timely. , contact the technician to overhaul.

The important mechanical structure of the window cleaning suspension platform is the hoist, the structure is very reliable, the service life of the wire rope is long; the convenient and reliable electrical system; the leakage protection switch is installed; the single and double machine operation can be selected, and the mobile operation box is equipped. External power supply box and rising limit device. The safety lock is independent of the two wire ropes, which makes it more secure.

The window cleaning suspension platform is tilted, and the safety lock can lock the safety rope when the lifting system has a major failure to ensure personal safety. And its operability is very easy to learn, flexible and convenient in a variety of external environments, can adapt to any occasion.