What is the history of the window cleaning machine?

- Jan 21, 2020-

The window cleaning machine is a product developed on the basis of high work. The window cleaning machine products of developed countries have developed earlier. For example, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Norway and other countries have gradually formed their own product series since the early 1960s. Most of the high-rise buildings newly built in China in the 1980s and 1990s were designed by foreign architects. The installation of window cleaning machines has been considered in the design of the buildings. All the foreign window cleaning machines have been selected for the future exterior walls of the building. The cleaning and maintenance operations have laid a good foundation.


Around 1995, China began to enter the boom of high-rise buildings, and the window cleaning company has also developed. At present, the window cleaning machine product has been developed in China and has become a mechatronics equipment with high and new technical content. In 2003, China has promulgated the national standard of GB19154-2003 "Window Cleaning Machine". Most of the Gaodang buildings in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have installed window cleaning equipment. However, we also have a considerable number of high-rise buildings. Because the design of the window cleaning machine was not considered in the design of the building, it was impossible to install the window cleaning machine equipment, which brought great inconvenience to the subsequent cleaning and maintenance.


Some buildings with simple shapes are manually cleaned with large rope boards, that is, they are uneasy - all are uncivilized, and it is not possible to change the curtain wall glass and make up the glue; for complex buildings, the manual cannot be cleaned, and no other can be said. operation. With the continuous improvement of China's laws and regulations, the change of civilization, the establishment of building property management, and the regular safety, maintenance and maintenance of its external walls, it has attracted more and more attention. Manual cleaning will eventually be banned, and the window cleaning machine will complete the high-altitude operation, safety, safety, and efficiency. Installation of window cleaners has been widely used.