What are the protection devices after the window cleaning operation

- Sep 02, 2019-

1. Overload protection of window cleaning machine: There are 2 sets of overload protection devices in the platform. When the platform load exceeds the rated load or the partial load is severe, the platform can't move; when the load is discharged within the rated position, it can be operated;

2, the lower anti-collision protection: due to the operator does not pay attention, when the platform hits the obstacle, the anti-collision bar moves, triggering the lower anti-collision switch action, the platform parking can not run, but can run upwards;

3. The second protection of the lower anti-collision: the function is the same as the protection, the purpose is double protection, increasing the reliability of the window cleaning machine;

4, broken chain protection: due to the maintenance personnel do not pay attention, in the chassis trolley track or near the foreign object caused by the increase of running resistance increased at this time broken chain, broken chain protection switch action, cut off the power supply, wait for the staff to check foreign objects, restore the chain again Run to prevent accidents from expanding;

5. Self-breaking protection of the small toothed shaft of the window cleaning machine: Due to the foreign matter on the track of the running car in the box, the running resistance will be increased. When the resistance limit is exceeded, the small tooth shaft of the window cleaning machine will self-break to protect the large shaft wheel and the screw rod. purpose.