What are the preparations for the construction of the window cleaning platform

- Apr 15, 2019-

The window cleaning platform can enter the market according to the size of the site and the actual project demand. At the same time, the 380V power supply is prepared on the roof of the building. In order to reduce the strength of the overhead platform accessories, increase the installation speed, auxiliary lifting equipment such as tower cranes or lifts, it should be coordinated.


The top of the building has basic flat conditions, and a waterproof protective layer has been prepared. A number of wooden boards need to be prepared to enhance the protection of the finished product. If there are other sundries on the top of the building, it should be cleaned up to facilitate the installation or movement of the platform. Because the window cleaning platform is convenient, flexible, and efficient to use, there are no other special requirements.


The platform can improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of construction workers. It is a new type of construction machine. More attention should be paid to the wiring problem during installation. The platform adopts the electric power lifting method, so the circuit setting needs attention.www.chinagondola.com