What are the important accessories for the working platform?

- Sep 26, 2018-

There are many such  working platform accessories in the electric  working platform. Such accessories help the electric  working platform to better perform its function. Among them, the more prominent  working platform accessory is the safety rope. It must pay attention to the connection with the  working platform body. Since the ropes are all arranged with the diameter of the wire rope not less than φ13mm, the wire rope is used to lift the bottom of the working platform and the safety rope. , each time the card is left with no more than 1m lifting amount.


The safety rope as a working platform accessory plays the role of hanging the working platform frame, and the safety self-locking device having similar functions is also one of the working platform accessories, and only needs to fix the safety lock to the working platform frame when using. At the same time, it is placed on the safety wire rope. When the crane is normally lifted, the safety lock can be lifted along the safety wire rope with the electric platform body. If the platform falls off, the safety lock can automatically lock the platform body on the safety wire rope.


The working platform accessories are convenient, safe and reliable, and the load-bearing steel wire rope and the safety rope are hung on the roof beam. The operation sequence and the construction method. The electric working platform is first assembled on the ground into a working platform frame, and then the heavy wire rope is assembled. The guide rope hole that passes through the hoist is inserted and pressed in the direction of the hook; the forward movement is moved back and forth to lift the platform; the handle is retracted back and forth to fall.http://www.chinagondola.com/