Use of wire BMU Accessories and internal inspection

- Nov 06, 2018-

The wire rope of the window cleaning machine accessories shall be galvanized or other similar anti-corrosion measures. The diameter of the safety wire rope shall not be less than the diameter of the hanging wire rope. The end of the wire rope shall be in the form of a metal press joint, a self-tightening wedge joint, or the like, or in the form of other identical safety grades. U-shaped wire rope clamps cannot be used if failure will affect safety.


The wire rope and wire rope ends of the window cleaner accessories can be visually inspected without the need to extract the wire rope or disassemble the main structural components of the equipment. If necessary, set the inspection hole as appropriate to meet this requirement. Experience from the inspection and scrapping of wire ropes for window cleaner accessories has shown that internal damage is mainly caused by corrosion and normal fatigue development, which is the leading cause of many wire rope failures.


The internal inspection of the wire rope of the window cleaning machine accessories shall be carried out by a professional. Two appropriately sized clamps are firmly clamped on the wire rope at a certain distance, and a force is applied to the clamp in the opposite direction to the wire rope. The strands will spread out of the rope core. Be careful not to make the clamps slip around the wire rope, and the displacement of each strand should not be too large. When the wire rope is slightly unscrewed, a grease-like probe can be used to remove the grease or debris that obstructs the inside of the wire rope.


The main contents to be observed include the internal lubrication state of the wire rope of the window cleaning machine accessories; the degree of corrosion; the wire indentation caused by extrusion or wear; the presence or absence of broken wires, and the like. After the test, put some repair grease in the unscrewed part and turn the clamps with moderate force to properly reset the strands around the core. After the clamp is removed, the outer surface of the wire rope should normally be coated with grease.