Track rail window cleaner

- Feb 08, 2020-

(1) Construction

The window cleaner track is arranged up and down along the inside of the wall. The embedded parts are composed of a 10-16mm thick embedded steel plate and 6 φ16 or φ20 embedded steel bars. Use a nut to fix the embedded steel bar and the embedded steel plate. When casting the wall, the embedded part of the track and the wall are cast into one body. The surface of the embedded steel plate is level with the concrete. After the embedded construction is completed, other steps are the same as the horizontal rail type.

(2) When designing and installing the track system of this aircraft, in addition to the above-mentioned points of the horizontal track, the following points should be noted:

  ① The wall structure must have sufficient height, thickness and strength, otherwise the safety of the window cleaner will be affected due to the failure to meet the anchorage length of the embedded parts. The base should be installed on the structural wall or thick Wall to reduce the impact of window cleaner load on roof structure;

  ② The rail connection must be polished smoothly, and the end of the rail should be provided with an end baffle with a thickness of not less than 10mm;

  ③ It is necessary to leave a sufficient height for the equipment to walk, and fully consider the space occupied by the building decoration to prevent the lower part of the equipment from hitting the roof or the suspended platform colliding with the building when the roof is retracted.

  The track type window cleaner is connected to the building structural board through the track system, and the gauge is generally 0.8-4.0m. The two tracks can be set on one plane or not on the same plane. The track system consists of a base, a connector and a track. Before the structure is capped, the window cleaning machine base is poured. The height of the base should be more than 80mm higher than the roofing layer. The base is one every 1500 ~ 2500mm. The embedded part of the base consists of a 10 ~ 16mm thick embedded steel plate and 4 It consists of φ16 or φ20 foundation bolts. After the foundation is completed, all the embedded steel plates are adjusted to the same level by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After the second grouting fills the gap, the embedded steel plates are fixed. Pressure plate) to fix the track on the embedded steel plate. The window cleaner track uses I-shaped steel or H-shaped steel. Generally, the track is directly welded to the embedded steel plate. After the track is installed, the base and the roof are unified for waterproofing.