The work content of the personnel when the window cleaning work platform is running

- Mar 23, 2019-

When the window cleaning work platform is running, the staff must not only master the corresponding operation skills, but also do not wear hard bottom shoes, plastic shoes, slippers or other slippery shoes for work; it is strictly forbidden to use ladders and stools in the hanging platform. , climbing boards and other climbing tools and additional spreaders outside the suspension platform.


The staff must enter and exit the window cleaning work platform on the ground, and must not climb the window in and out of the window to clean the work platform. It is strictly forbidden to climb from one suspension platform to another suspension platform in the suspended state. It is strictly forbidden to overload the window cleaning work platform. The operator should wear a safety helmet and a safety belt. The self-locking buckle on the safety belt should be fastened to the hanging life rope separately fixed on the building.


Personnel participating in the installation work and quality inspection of the window cleaning work platform shall have corresponding qualifications. The unit window cleaning work platform for the safety performance test must have the corresponding qualifications. Equipment and equipment should meet the accuracy requirements and should be within the validity period of the verification. Concealed works shall be inspected by the installation unit of the window cleaning work platform, and the relevant units shall be inspected and checked before concealing, and an acceptance document shall be