The technology of roof fixed window cleaner and its application in high-rise buildings

- Nov 30, 2018-

The roof fixed window cleaning machine is a standing special equipment for the cleaning, maintenance and decoration of the external wall of the building. It needs to be designed according to the height, plane, elevation, roof structure, space and overall shape of the building. Different types of products.


Because the roof fixed window cleaning machine should consider its safety, economy, practicality and convenience, it must also consider that the window cleaning machine can be coordinated with the building after installation, does not affect the aesthetics of the building, and must be closely related to the architectural design and construction. Related; at the same time, the window cleaning machine is a high-altitude manned device, so its safety and reliability requirements are very high.


The traveling mechanism of the roof fixed window cleaning machine adopts the floating connection technology of the swing beam and the balance beam structure, which better solves the influence of the turning of the whole machine, the civil construction error and the track installation error on the smoothness of the window cleaning machine; The double-roll mechanism with a single-layer wire rope winding and a single-roll mechanism with a multi-layer steel wire winding are used in the lifting mechanism, and a corresponding rope-receiving mechanism is provided, which satisfies the requirements of different working heights.


At the same time, the roof-mounted fixed window cleaning machine has added full-scale safety devices such as overload protection, overspeed protection, anti-collision protection, manual downhill and wire rope relaxation device. The electromechanical double overspeed protection device has a sensitive trigger mechanism and safe and reliable braking. The dragging system adopts advanced frequency conversion, voltage regulation and speed control technology. The control system adopts PC and wireless remote control, which reduces the vibration and impact of the system and improves the smoothness and reliability of the work.