The step of stringing the aluminum platform and the installation of its weight

- Apr 29, 2019-

When the aluminum platform is worn, the switch on the panel of the electric box is turned to the side of the hoist to be worn by the wire rope, and the working wire rope is inserted into the upper end hole of the hoist through the limit wheel and the retaining ring of the safety lock. When the up button is activated, the hoist can automatically wind up the rope carrying position of the working wire rope. During the process of wearing the aluminum platform, pay close attention to whether there is any abnormality. If there is any abnormality, stop the rope work immediately.


After the aluminum platform work wire rope is in place, the safety lock will be automatically opened and the safety wire rope will be inserted from the upper end hole of the safety lock. Similarly, the other side hoist also operates in accordance with the above described operation. It should be noted that the working wire rope and the safety wire rope must be straightened before the hoist and the safety lock can be inserted separately to avoid twisting and winding of the two wire ropes.


The heavy hammer is fixed in the aluminum platform at the lower end of the steel wire rope for tightening and stabilizing the steel wire rope, preventing the suspension platform from pulling up the steel wire rope during the lifting/landing process, thereby affecting the normal operation of the suspension platform. When installing, clamp the two halves together 15 cm from the ground at the lower end of the wire rope, and then fasten them to the wire rope with bolts to make the electric wire rope tightly