The safety device and interlock function of gondola

- Nov 19, 2018-

In order to ensure the safety during the operation of the gondola of BMU, firstly, the overload device should be installed in the equipment. When the platform is overloaded by 10%, the mechanical overload device should be able to stop the platform operation and maintain the state; The system, such that when the gondola is powered off, the main brake automatically starts working.


With the main, the gondola also has a secondary brake, which can start working when the platform is over 10% speed, but the secondary brake can only be manually reset. With the highest point limit, the limit switch stops moving when the gondola reaches the highest lifting point.


When the platform hits the obstacle below, the guard bar installed at the bottom of the gondola stops the platform from descending. When using a steel cable restraint system, a protective rod should also be installed on the top of the platform to prevent the platform from rising before the lock is released. The limit protection should be set with double limit switch protection.


To prevent the power cable of the gondola from being pulled off, a power cable limit switch is required to stop the device when it is stretched beyond its length. In addition, since the chassis rotation limiter is provided in the gondola, the limit switch can stop it when the boom is rotated to the extreme position.