The requirements of window cleaners on architectural design

- Dec 24, 2019-

(1) The building shall be able to withstand the weight of the window cleaner and its accessories, and shall be approved by the registered principal architect.

(2) The building should be designed and constructed to facilitate the installation and use of window cleaners.

(3) The diameter of the embedded bolts used for installing the window cleaner should not be less than 16mm.

(4) In order to guarantee the normal operation of the ship on the building surface, a fixed guide device (except for the equipment) should be provided when the operation is over 30m.

(5) A power socket for window cleaners shall be provided at an appropriate position in the building. The socket should be rain-proof, safe-full, and reliable. Emergency situations can easily cut off the power.

(6) There should be sufficient-sufficient connection strength between the window cleaner and the building. The large load acting on the building should not be copied over the allowable value of the building's force.