The role of the window cleaner

- Oct 28, 2019-

With the development of modern urban architecture, as a city, the image of the high-rise and comprehensive architectural exteriors of the city and the company is mostly made of high and beautiful decorative materials. In order to keep the building youthful and slow down the aging process of urban buildings caused by natural environmental pollution, the regular maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of the external walls have attracted people's high-level attention. -Using, high-efficiency exterior wall cleaning and maintenance system---Window cleaning machine has become a complete equipment for high-end property management.

The role of the window cleaning machine: maintenance - can carry two staff to inspect and maintain the exterior finish of the building. Cleaning---It is possible to carry two staff members to regularly clean and repair the exterior finish of the building, which can keep the appearance of the building clean and fresh. Emergency - in the special case of fire, you can transport trapped people vertically. Transportation - You can vertically drop items and equipment that cannot be transported by the elevator.