The requirements of the window cleaning machine in the selection of high-rise building

- Jul 23, 2018-

For the window-cleaning machine, it is the high-rise building façade and daylighting roof cleaning, as well as its maintenance operations on the permanent special equipment.

This time, we actually need to directly on the basis of a height of the building itself, there is its façade and its roof structure, load and its equipment to walk the effective space, design different types and styles of window cleaning machine.

And, on the other hand, we are in fact the direct consideration of its safety, economy and its practical performance, this time, in fact, it is to consider the installation of the window and the coordination of the building to maintain a consistent, in this respect, in fact, it will not affect the beauty of the building itself. It is precisely because of this, the window-cleaning machine selection and architectural design, as well as its construction is closely related. And, on the other hand, for the window-cleaning machine, it is actually the outdoor high-altitude manned equipment, it is because of this, for the security of the window cleaning machine and its reliability requirements is very high.