The platform structure is simple and easy to operate

- Jan 24, 2019-

The bridge platform refers to the more popular simple bridge inspection vehicle. In today's era when bridges are ubiquitous and frequently used, the safety and condition of bridges are very important. It is necessary to conduct real-time inspection and collection of relevant data to ensure their It is absolutely safe during operation, eliminating uncertain security risks.


The bridge platform is more compact, flexible, and more affordable than other traditional bridges, so you don't have to spend extra money on bridge construction equipment. It can be used for maintenance and maintenance of bridges, special equipment required for operations, and is a simple and easy to operate inspection vehicle.


The bridge platform is composed of driving and gondola, which are all customizable. During the construction operation, the left and right two vehicles drive at the bridge sidewalk at a constant speed to drive the working platform composed of the gondola at the bottom or side of the bridge. Therefore, the bridge can pass normally while the construction work is in progress.


In the construction work, all of them carry heavy objects under the action of the electric system for horizontal sliding walking or vertical lifting, so it is also a special-purpose special-purpose vehicle, and the whole process is operated by the construction personnel according to the demand of the current operation by wireless remote control. It makes the work platform can move back and forth vertically at any time, which is more convenient and