The main points of the platform for bridge and the use of protective points

- Nov 26, 2018-

The lifting and use safety protection of the platform for bridge must be taken seriously. First, the load of the  platform for bridge must not exceed 1200 N/m2; generally only one person can go up and operate, and the lift cannot exceed 2 people. The personnel and materials on the platform should be symmetrically distributed and should not be concentrated at one end to balance the load at both ends of the platform.


The steel wire rope bearing the load in the platform for bridge shall be smaller than the bearing capacity of the wire rope with a diameter of 12.5mm or 4 minutes. The safety wire rope shall be provided with a diameter of not less than 12.5mm. The number of the wire rope shall not be less than 3; use. The distance between the platform of the two bridges shall not exceed 20cm. It is not allowed to connect two or more bridges with the hanging baskets at the same time; the joints of the two building baskets shall be staggered from the window and balcony construction surface.


The length of the the platform for bridge  is generally not to exceed 8m, the width is not more than 1m, the two hanging points are within 3m, and the three hanging points are more than 3m. For bridges with steel pipes, the distance between the poles of the hanging baskets shall not be more than 2m, and the inclined supports or cross covers shall be provided. For the bridges with welded frames, the spacing between the poles shall not exceed 2.5m and the large faces shall be provided with cross covers.