The development history and trend of window cleaning machine

- Oct 03, 2019-

The window cleaning machine is a product developed on the basis of the work basket work in the high place. The window cleaning machine developed in foreign countries has developed earlier, such as Germany, Japan, Belgium, Norway and other countries, and has gradually formed from the early 1960s. Our own product series, a group of new high-rise buildings newly built in China in the 1980s and 1990s, were designed by foreign architects. The installation of the window cleaning machine has been considered in the design of the building, and all the foreign machine products have been selected. The foundation for cleaning and maintenance after the building has laid a good foundation.

With the development of modern urban architecture, the exterior finishes of high-rise and comprehensive buildings, which are symbols of a city and a company, mostly use high-grade and beautiful decorative materials. In order to keep the building youthful and slow down the aging process of urban buildings caused by the natural environment, the regular cleaning, maintenance and decoration of the external walls have attracted people's attention, safe, practical and efficient external wall cleaning and maintenance system. (Window cleaner) has become a must for high-end buildings. Building Maintenance Unit (BMU).