The core position of the hoist in the window cleaning platform and its inspection

- Oct 25, 2018-

The hoist is the core part of the overall window cleaning platform. It is mainly used to drive the up and down movement of the platform. The electric cable uses a three-phase asynchronous brake motor. The hot-dip galvanized electric basket hoist is completed along the speed reduction mechanism and the rope reel mechanism. The climbing action of the wire rope.


When the window cleaning platform starts to lift and run, the wire rope must be in a vertical state, so the wire rope must not be bent, adhered to the mortar or bulged. It is strictly prohibited to use the safety on the entire suspended platform. Brake, or complete irrelevant construction work.


It is necessary to designate the full-time staff to check the electrical system of the window cleaning platform before going to work every day, check the weights, safety ropes, safety locks, and confirm the correct operation before going to work. There must be a special person to inspect the work, and the place can be closed if there are conditions, except for the inspection and maintenance personnel.


Before the construction of the window cleaning platform, it is necessary to check whether the operator wears the helmet correctly, whether the safety belt is properly attached; the operation after drinking is strictly prohibited; the wind of 5 grades and above must be stopped. The window cleaning platform that is finished every day should be parked above the first floor safety net.