The construction process of the hanging fixed window cleaner

- Oct 31, 2020-

Suspended window cleaners also belong to small window cleaners, which realize continuous horizontal movement of the window cleaners through the walking of the track climber on the track. The track system is divided into three parts: embedded parts, track brackets and aluminum alloy tracks. The embedded parts can be poured horizontally on the floor or on the structural wall. The requirements and construction methods of the embedded parts are the same as the wall-attached track window cleaner, except that the embedded parts are installed on the outside of the wall. After the embedded construction is completed, the track bracket is fixed to the embedded steel plate, and then the track is welded to the track bracket on. Xiongyu Heavy Industry Group's ultra-long gondolas for bridges, ring gondolas for chimneys, rotating platforms for oil tank construction, special construction platforms for elevator shafts, special suspension rail window cleaners for ships, column lifting multifunctional window cleaners, dovetail booms More than 120 national patents have been obtained in various new products such as wheel-mounted composite window cleaners.