Technical requirements for the staff of the window cleaning platform during construction

- Dec 26, 2018-

The ultra-high performance of the window cleaning platform has been widely recognized by the users. However, the technical requirements of the equipment for the staff are relatively high, and it is necessary to master certain skills in order to carry out the construction operation. When cleaning with a window cleaning platform, the basket and wire rope must be fully protected and should not be used as a wiring circuit.


After the window cleaning platform is installed, carry out the following inspection tests and confirm that they are normal before delivery. Including wire rope without kinking, crushing and looseness; wear and broken wire are not over-limit, suspension, rope-wound and hanging weight are correct; inspection of roofing mechanism installation should be well matched, anchoring is reliable; cantilever length and connection method are correct; The motor has no abnormal noise, overheating, normal starting and reliable braking; the safety protection device for anti-drop and external rotating mechanism should be complete and reliable.


The window cleaning platform shall be a static overload test with a rated lifting capacity of 125% and a dynamic overload test of 110%. The lifting is required to be normal and the limiting device is sensitive and reliable. After the start, the window cleaning platform operation test is carried out, and the operation can be confirmed only after the operation is confirmed; after the operation, the window cleaning platform basket should be cleaned, suspended 3 m away from the ground, the power is cut off, and the ladder is removed.http://