SUSPEND PLATFORM in daily construction must insist on safety inspection every day

- Feb 16, 2020-

When the PLATFORM is deformed due to bumping or deforming or repaired, it should be repaired in time, and do not “work with illness”.

B. The front end of the gondola must be higher than the end of the counterweight of the gondola when it is set on site.

Note: (Foreign boom setting is strictly forbidden to lower front and rear high)

C. During operation, keep the steel wire clean to prevent foreign matter such as cement, cement, etc. If foreign matter is found in the machine through the rope-through hole, remove it from the Y-shaped groove in time to ensure the traction function of the reducer.

D. Check whether the screws of each part of the basket are loose before working every day.

E. The abnormal situation of the gondola should be eliminated in time, if any unsafe factors are found, it should be reported in time, the operation should be stopped, and it is strictly forbidden to use in the fault state.

F. The PLATFORM must be arranged by a special person, and it can be used only by a qualified security inspector after passing the inspection. Check whether the weight of the hanging basket is lost and shifted daily, and reinforce it in time.