Structural analysis of various window cleaning machine accessories

- Dec 07, 2018-

The window cleaning machine is a permanent suspension access device for the cleaning and maintenance of windows and exterior walls of buildings or structures. It consists of a platform that is driven by a trolley running on a roof rail to drive four wire ropes. The trolley is driven by the driving force along the track, and the platform rises and falls to bring the platform to the working position. By rotating the boom, platform and telescopic boom to precisely align the working position plane, the multi-layer winding hoist mechanism drives the platform up and down, allowing the platform to reach any desired working façade.


The various actions of the window cleaning machine, including running, rotating, telescopic, jacking/tilting, are realized by operating the handle and the button, and an interlock circuit is arranged between the actions, and the joystick (or button) has only one at a time. Being operated, that is, only one action is executed. Therefore, the window cleaning machine accessories include an operating mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a boom rotating mechanism, a boom stretching mechanism, a platform rotating mechanism, and a jacking/upswing mechanism.


The running mechanism of the window cleaning machine accessory is driven by the motor to drive two speed reduction mechanisms, and the motor adopts the power failure braking to ensure that the trolley stops running when the power is off. The hoisting mechanism is composed of a lifting motor, a speed reducer, a lifting wire rope reel, a backup brake and a wire rope guide wheel. The motor drives the reducer reel mechanism. When the motor loses power, the motor brake device can immediately stop the motor from rotating.


The rotation of the boom rotation mechanism of the window cleaner assembly is composed of a slewing bearing and a motor reducer. When the motor rotates, the gear of the reducer drives the slewing ring to rotate, and the boom immediately rotates. The motor uses a brake motor, and the drive stops immediately when the power is cut off. In addition, other window cleaner accessories are also operated according to their own way to ensure the use of the window