Standard model classification of window cleaner

- Feb 06, 2020-

According to the standard of window cleaners, window cleaners can be divided into: roof rail type (referred to as track type), wheel-mounted type, hanging rail type (referred to as hanging type), monorail type and davit type, gantry type. The biggest feature of window cleaners is non-standard electromechanical equipment. Building heights, appearances, facade structural forms, and roof space dimensions are all different, so it is difficult to find two identical window cleaners. According to the unique building form and function of each building, when selecting window cleaners, we should consider the following points based on the three principles of safety, economy, and practicability:

(1) Rail-type window cleaner is preferred, with high degree of automation, safety and reliability;

(2) Whether the roof space passage and facade structure are suitable for the selected window cleaning model;

(3) Whether the window cleaner we choose can meet the structural bearing requirements;

(4) The window cleaner we choose does not affect the aesthetics of the building as much as possible;

(5) Whether the owner of the window cleaner can afford it;

(6) Can the minimum number be selected to complete the operation of the entire building?