Special performance of roof powered BMU

- Dec 27, 2018-

The roof powered BMU is a special maintenance equipment for regularly cleaning and maintaining the high-rise or super high-rise glass curtain wall structure. According to the structural form of the building and the requirements for use, the structure of the window cleaning machine is also various, and the roof powered BMU is one of the most conventional ones.


The roof powered BMU is installed on the roof of the building and is mainly composed of a basic system, a walking system, a column device, a swing system, a lifting device, a balancing device, a main boom system, an arm head, a gondolas and an electrical system. The  roof powered BMU is similar to a type of lifting structure in terms of its structure and working mode, but it has obvious specificity compared with the conventional lifting equipment.


The particularity is mainly manifested in the fact that the roof powered BMU is installed and used in a special position. It is installed on the roof of a high-rise or super high-rise building. The object to be hoisted is specially used to lift the wall of the building by lifting the crane,light weight, low frequency of use; slow operating speed of the mechanism; narrow installation and operation space.


Therefore, when checking the stability of the roof powered BMU, on the one hand, we can quote the concept and formula of the stability check of the crane, and at the same time pay attention to the safety of the window-mounted machine as a manned device. The requirements are higher than the average lifting equipment.www.chinagondola.com