Solutions to sudden problems in the construction of bridge platform

- Aug 12, 2019-

If you need to return to the ground after power failure, you should lift the manual downshift handles of the two lift motors together to make the suspension platform slide down to the ground. When the suspension platform of the hanging basket cannot be stopped after the button is released during the ascending and descending process, the red emergency stop switch on the electric box door should be pressed immediately to make the suspension platform urgently stop. 

Then plug the power switch of the electric box, check the touch condition of the touch device, tidy up the grease on the outside of the touch device, and press the touch device to recover the normal action. Then close the power switch and turn the stop switch to make it work in place. . 

The safety lock of the basket should be open at the time of operation, and it is in the state of self-initiation and requires no manual operation. Its function is to actively lock on the safety wire rope when the lifting mechanism presents a fault and cause the basket to overspeed, so that the hanging basket can be stopped to reduce the safety of the manned machine. When the fault clears the safety lock from the beginning, the lifting basket should be lifted first, so that the safety lock can be loosened before the open handle can be opened and the safety lock can be opened. 

If the wire rope is cracked at one end of the hanging platform of the hanging basket, the suspension platform is skewed, and the safety lock is actively closed when the skewing position is inevitable, and the suspension platform is locked on the safety wire rope. At this moment, the construction personnel in the suspension platform should insist on calmness, prohibit the galloping and jumping in the suspension, and dispose of it according to the urgent method when the working wire rope is jammed in the promotion machine.