Several testing methods for the quality of the platform for the bridge

- Feb 26, 2019-

Before the platform of bridge is used, we have to check its appearance and electrical control system, and of course include its insulation properties to see if they meet the design requirements. It is possible to carry out no-load operation tests: see if the individual transmission parts are safe, reliable and normal.


The static load test of the platform is carried out according to the rated load and the load test, and the test of lifting and safe self-locking is also required. Safety lock free fall test He is used to check whether it is normal operation, if there is an abnormal situation, we must stop the test immediately, and carry out inspection and maintenance.


When the previous test is accepted, we will enter the overload test. This overload is actually that his overload is 1.1 times or 1.25 times the original load. At the same time of loading, we also check the main force parts of the basket to see if it is intact and how the operation changes. If there is an unsafe condition, stop the test immediately, look for the cause, and test it after handling it.


The impact test of the platform is also a main method to check its quality. It can be divided into two categories, one is to test according to the load of 630kg, and the other is to use the safety lock free fall test to check whether the safety lock is reliable. Thus the corresponding conclusions are